2. The Mystic Mexican

How is the Mystic Mexican back in the scene after having disappeared way back in September of 1968? It happened like this. One evening I happened upon Andrew Martinez, the Archivist at RISD’s Fleet Library, while he was sifting through boxes of archival materials. Strewn across the desk were student newspapers from the 1960s.

I asked what he was doing, and he said, “Looking at the Mystic Mexican.”

“Who’s the Mystic Mexican,” I asked.

“Check em’ out,” he responded. He then unfolded every newspaper the Mystic Mexican appeared in, they were about 9, all published in 1968. Who is he? Turns out his name is Ricardo Alonzo, and he was a Graphic Design major at RISD from Colima, Mexico.

Ricardo assumed an alter ego, The Mystic Mexican, in the columns and advertisements of the school newspaper, where he was in the editorial  board. On his column as the Mystic Mexican he spoke a jive tongue on tolerance and cosmic life cycles.  He also staged street performances dressed in Eastern garments. The newspaper reported multiple sightings.

The Mystic Mexican promoting theft at the local bookstore.

The Mystic Mexican making friends with public art.

The Mystic Mexican meditates.

(The Grass Scene at RISD.)

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